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Anouk (pronounced ah-NOOK) could be Dutch, French, even Russian. In my case Anouk is Belgian, where the meaning of Anouk is 'sweet disposition', while the meaning of Anouk in Dutch is `gracious` or 'favor' or some say 'favored grace'.

I was born Anouk Pascale on the 30th January in a small town called Stockport in the UK.

Growing up with my two brothers I was a bit of a tomboy and loved sports, though from childhood I was always fascinated with elegance, beauty and modeling, collecting pictures of glamorous, elegant women, aspiring some day to be one myself!

I attended University and achieved a Masters Degree in Combined Sciences yet found my passion lay somewhere else - with modeling - and as things turned out, glamour and fitness modeling of the highest caliber and in the very best of taste.

I have had the honour of working with some fabulously talented people who played a role in me becoming known as not only a cover girl yet also a British Supermodel featured worldwide. People refer to me as "beauty and brains", an honour in itself.

Today fitness, nutrition and overall well-being remains my focus. I became a certified Pilates instructor (which I truly love) and I remain fascinated with virtually every aspect of health and beauty...along with a passion for modeling, of course!

Among many other endeavours I now help people become models, look like models, feel like models, or just have the same confidence that, well, a supermodel has - and I have been the face of and spokesmodel for ESSENTUALE since 2002.

Learn more about me as a model and see some of my modeling portfolio from my earlier days. Even though the pictures above are recent, taken of me in 2009, newer high end fashion photos are to come very soon.

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